Is your Internet Explorer Running Slow? Does it take more than 1 minute for your browser to open your home page.

A quick fix is to look how many toolbars your internet explorer


We have been doing computer repair services for the since 2002, and the most common computer problem that we fix is when customer call saying that their computer/internet is running slow. One common problem that we see often is toolbars, not just one or two, but a lot of toolbar get installed/added to internet explorer. You want to keep in mind that most of those toolbar are running little scripts that automatic connect to the designer/owner to bring back information back to your browser, for example pandora, iheart radio, etc. The idea behind is that it will be faster to get to what you want automatically; the problem is the amount of toolbars and type of toolbars.

To fix this computer problem is very simple. Here’s what you need to do.

Option #1 – pick and choose what toolbars to disable

1. Open up internet explorer

2. Go to Tools menu, if you don’t see you tools menu, right click top bar and you ‘ll get the option to see the menu bar

3. Click on the Manage Addons option; a new window will open

4. in the Manage add-ons windows, look at the toolbars and extesions tab and click on the toolbar/extensions that you want to disable.

5. Once you finish disable those toolbars click close and that’s it.

Here’s a quick video on how to disable toolbars and extension in internet explorer