One of our clients called in today and was having problems with their Avaya IP 500 V2 phone system. Before we dive into the what the issue was here are the specs/setup of their system. Avaya IP 500 v2 7.0 with Embedded Voicemail.

They said that they had an issue with the their phone system specifically when trying to listen to voicemail. Their phone, Avaya 1408 had a voicemail light on saying that the user had a new voicemail. When the user clicked on the ‘messages’ button it showed 1/0/0 for 1 new  0 old 0 saved. So when they would click on “listen” option nothing would happen it would just stay there.  The strange part was that when a new voicemail would come in we could listen to that one not the original one with the problem.

It seemed the problem was that the voicemail was corrupted but tried all the recommendation to fix the issue, from restarted the system to pulling out the SD card (while the PBX system was off) but no luck.

We found the problem was that the “visual” voicemail link had broken to that specific voicemail, and to fix that problem was to check the voicemail thru the phone prompt instead of using the visual voicemail. To get that voicemail, we simply click on *17

2. if requested, enter your password and press #. After you log in the voice prompt provides instructions and will walk you thru. o


Once we got the voicemail information heard we went ahead and deleted that voicemail (by click on on 4) and it solved the problem