One of customer in The Woodlands TX was having some issue with his server, an HP Proliant ML150G6.

HP Proliant ML150G6

HP Proliant ML150G6

He called us that he server just shutdown and couldn’t be restarted because he was getting an error. Ever time that he started the server it went thru this loud startup, like a jet engine starting up very loud (which actually is perfectly normal)  After a minute or so it would hum down and start the process of starting up, but would to a black screen and then just shutdown. So we schedule an onsite support to take a look at the issue.

When we got onsite the server was already working again, upon asking the customer what happened, he explained that moved/tapped the server by mistake when looking for something and he tried it again and the server started to work again. Never seen it before but he said he just tapped it (like the way you use to tap/hit your TV to get it work) and when he showed us how he did it the server started to rev up again which is not normal unless it get’s really hot (not the case in this server room). Next to you know Windows 2003 Server started saying about to shutdown and it shutdown.

When we tried to restart it started to give us the same problem as before. This server has diagnostic lights in front to help to troubleshoot the error, and this one would start blinking red and just shutdown. Since the server was on the floor, we couldn’t get a good view of the front panel, so I lifted the server at an angle (10 degrees or so) and started the process. This is where it got weird. When I had the server at that angle the server diagnostic lights were all green and it actually working again, all the way to the operating system…but as soon as I put it back it started to shutdown. This server would work fine as long as it was an angle, we run an experiment to try to see if would stay on as long as it would be at this angle, so we put a cardboard box top at the front of the server so it could be at least at a 10 degree angle and the server did work and would not shutdown. It was louder then normal but it worked until we set it back normal. When we did try to restart we did get the following error.

Fan or inlet ambient sensor detect failed and prepare to shutdown

HP ML150G BMC Error








Upon research we found this article on

We made sure that the cable was plugged in correctly but no luck, the error did it point the bad temperature sensor cable and needed to replace. We told that customer that we would need to order this cable and it could take a couple of days. And if you are running a business having no access to your files for a couple of days will hurt financially, specially if you don’t have a back up to restore right away. Luckily this work order was for the cable not the hard drive, so we did tell the customer that we could move the data out of the hard drive to another computer where they could start working the same day while we wait for the parts.

cleaned HP Proliant Server Inside view of HP ML150 Server motherboard HP Proliant Server Front view HP Proliant Server



So we started to work on getting the hard drive out and get the data out. When started to open the server we notice how many dust bunny’s there were. So we cleaned the server before doing any type of work, see below for photos of the inside pictures of the server.

The server has been in production for about 3 years and recently transported to The Woodlands TX from Virginia. So it’s normal to have dust bunny’s. But when finished cleaning server something came out flying out (from compressed air).

Roach in the serverYeap, that is a roach. I’ve seen this before in other computers and they cause issues/problems with computer/servers. It made sense every time that the computer was tipped the roach might dis-logged from the motherboard where it wouldn’t be making contact but as soon as the we move the server back it would make the contact and create the error. There was one way to be sure to try it again. So before we started to move data out we tried again and yes it worked like a charm. It revved up like an jet engine at start (normal) but then it hummed like a kitten. It went all the way thru and worked perfectly. We even were able move/tip the server without any problems. We fixed the issue with the server, it was an actual Bug that caused the problem



It has been over 3 weeks so far and the server is running great with no problems.